Thanks Pizza Express for supporting our patrols!

street-angels-pizza-momentThe below is an extract of a letter which has today been sent to Pizza Express in Northallerton in response to a truly thoughtful act of kindness from their team towards our teams during our latest patrols.  Street Angels have been amazed by the warmth shown to them through their Saturday night volunteer patrols and are so grateful to all in the town for their continued support.

On behalf of the Street Angels who patrolled the town on Saturday 8th October, can we express our thanks and gratitude to you all for the kind provision of a delicious pizza and a garlic bread.

When we heard someone shouting “Excuse me, Street Angels” we turned around expecting to see someone needing help – instead we were treated to the delightful sight of your chef bearing two boxes of food which was much appreciated by the team on their break in the Town Hall and by the patrol team who returned later.

We are now into our 4th month of operation and we are getting tremendous support from the public and also the owners of the night time economy and your kindness in providing something as simple as a pizza means a lot to us, far more than the food itself as it establishes a true connect between our two organisations.

You truly warmed our hearts on Saturday – once again many thanks, it was very much appreciated.


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