Celebration Event – 2 July

Northallerton Street Angels have been working in our town centre for almost a year, and we are delighted to announce our first-year anniversary service to celebrate this.

The Northallerton Street Angels Celebration service is being held at New Life Baptist Church on Sunday 2 July 2017 at 10.30am, at which many of our volunteers will be present.

This date is significant as it will mark exactly one year to the day since the Northallerton Street Angels began patrolling the town on a Saturday night.

We would like to invite all residents of Northallerton to the service which will finish at 11.45 am after which there will be refreshments. During the service we will hear from North Yorkshire Police and a number of other organisations and individuals within the town who have seen the benefits of the Street Angel patrols.

Northallerton Street Angels now have around 40 volunteers from all parts of the local community who care sufficiently for our town to take on the voluntary role of Street Angels. The teams are now seen to be part of the ‘fixtures and fittings’ of the town and are approached by many needing help or support on a Saturday night.  The community and business feedback has been phenomenal and we are very much looking forward to celebrating the team’s achievement at this special service.

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